No Bitchin' - Just Fishin!

I was recently asked what it was about fishing that I liked (LOVED) so much, which got me thinking about what it is that I do actually like about it!

To set the scene for this, I want you to watch this short video on Why Men and Women Think DifferentlyFor those who CBF watching a video for 5 minutes, here is an excerpt

As explained in the video (or on the pic), women's brains are wired so incredibly differently to mens, everything is connected and at any one time we are thinking of a handful (at the bear minimum) of different things. As I write this, I am thinking about how crap the TV show my other half is watching is, what time my Doctors appointment is tomorrow, that my laptop needs to be charged, my legs need to be shaved and this bloody couch needs to be replaced.....! I can only imagine that if there were a couple of kidlets running around our place there would be something along the lines of thank fuck little Johnny is in bed (if I was lucky) or why won't little Johnny also running through my brain box.

How does this tie into my love for fishing, you ask? Well as Mark Gungor explains, men have a nothing box.... you know it is true, how many times have you asked your other half what they are thinking about and they say NOTHING. When I go fishing, I, somehow, manage to find a nothing box... I am honestly able to answer nothing when someone asks me what I am thinking.... but this ONLY happens when I am fishing (or extremely hungover and my brain is protesting my actions by not working). 

How you ask? Being on the water is bloody magic, in particular when you are out in the deep blue and cannot see land or any other vessel or sign of civilisation and all you can see is the ocean, the horizon and your line in the water (and a delightfully cold beer). All your worries, thoughts, stresses of life seem to just disappear and all you are left with is total and utter relaxation and wonder about what it is that you will pull out of the deep blue water.... ahhhh so relaxing! 

Here are some of the other reasons I LOVE fishing:

- The Thrill of the chase - you can never guarantee what you are going to catch, and the excitement / guessing game you play when you pull that fish to the boat is EPIC. I am sure you can all relate to this: "Goldy, I am calling Goldy, yep definitely a goldy, head is shaking like a snapper - ah fuck it's a shark" or "jesus this is a stonker Barra, it has to be over a metre, it is pulling like hell" - nek minute it is just a feisty little 73cm fella! There is something about that adrenaline rush that just gets me going, and gets me super keen to see what I can catch next (or keeps me going on a slow day)!

- The one on one time you get to spend with your Friends and Family - how often are you in a space with your nearest and dearest, where phone service is patchy (here in the Top End it is, anyway) and you get a chance to actually have a chat and see what is happening in each others worlds? 

- The people you meet, either at your local club or at fishing competitions! I have met some of the best chicks at fishing comps! Over the past 12 - 18 months I have formed some great friendships with fellow female fisho's (and men too, but this post is is about the females) who are willing to share their knowledge or listen to mine (very few and far between) with ZERO judgement. It is the best!! There is NO expectation for any of us to know it all, which is lucky, because there is so much that I do not know! We have had some wicked weekends fishing together, they are the type of people you can get away with for a weekend and just chill the eff out, drink some (ok lots of) brewski's and come home feeling super relaxed and refreshed. There is NO BITCHIN' - JUST FISHIN'! 

There are plenty more reasons why I love fishing, too many to list - but these are just some of my very favourite reasons! 

Here is hoping you get to enjoy this wonderful past time, just as I do! 

Tight Lines

Sammie x